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Former Admin / Co-founder
Former Admin / Co-founder
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Application Format:
Timezone and/or location:
Contribution to the community:

We can only take in a small number of moderators. And we want a small team. It is much easier to give a small team the tools it needs to moderate a large community vs trying to communicate to a large team and getting them all of the same page. Saying that, if you are interested in applying please do so. Overall we are looking for individuals that are level-headed and make sound reasonable decisions to be moderator. We will continuously review applications and will recruit moderators as needed. Also, thanks to Carnage for helping come up with the application format.
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Age: 15
Timezone and/or location: Swampland/Estonia
Contribution to the community: Mostly being annoying. Oh and some moderate mods too, and a few AAR's too which were my first ever and what I look back as somewhat successful thingies.
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Age: 16
Timezone and/or location: EST/EDT, U.S.A New Jersey.
Contribution to the community: Anything needed, I will do my best to supply.

Seems like a small amount of questions for an important role. Also, the Contribution to the community part; are you looking for what kind of posts we will make, what we will do as a mod, what you will make (if anything) for the community, or other?
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16 years old

I live in Wisconsin, US Central timezone.

My contribution to the old forums was mostly seeking to help with the clans, particularly looking at small clans, which I had an interest in for some time. When Jagex took over AoS lost all its appeal to me, because what I really liked was the community, now that there is another forum for us, I want to contribute in whatever way I can.
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Well, here I go.

17-18, depending on which calendar.

Timezone and/or location:
GMT -5, New York City (USA)

Contribution to the community:
I've been playing AoS since the /v/ days, though I was basically a lurker until April of this year or so.
Since then, I've been involved in the game as part of's staff/community.
However, I realized how distant I was to some parts of the larger AoS community; I realized that I need to be more involved with everyone as a whole.

I guess I don't have much to offer in terms of coding skills, though AoS is pretty much the only game I play regularly these days, so I'll be online and around all the time. I believe myself to be a capable moderator of the aloha community, and I'd like to extend that to the AoS community as a whole.
3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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Age: 17
Location: USA/Eastern Standard Time
Contribution to community: I am an Aloha guard so far and I just plain helpful. I've been playing AoS since September 2011 and I have been involved in the AoS community and IRC too.
League Participant
League Participant
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Might as well...

Age: 13.
Timezone and/or location: Massachusetts, USA. EST.
Contribution to the community:
Current LameGaming admin and Aloha guard, I'm also owner of the Tactical Sirens website and host of the server.
As for what I'd be able to do here, organization I guess. Moving threads to the correct forum, locking, deleting unwanted topics/spam. I could also help out a bit with clans, as I'm co-leader of Tactical Sirens.
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Former Pre-BnS Team
Former Pre-BnS Team
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Age: 13
Timezone and/or location: EST - Pennsylvania, USA
Contribution to the community: I moderated the "old" (wow, I hate saying that now) AoS forums before Jagex took over, and I feel that I did a decent job. I'm dedicated, responsible, and persistent. I'm also a Minit admin, an aloha admin, and a few other misc. servers on the side. I think my biggest strength is that I really enjoy helping out with stuff like this and helping other people feel welcomed into a community. I guess that's why I was chosen for the "Help" section on the old forums. I used to do mods for the community, and I do some GFX work. I'm also getting into programming. Not sure what else to say, but thanks for reading my mini essay/paragraph thing.
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Age: 20
Timezone and/or location: GMT/UK
Contribution to the community: Highly insightful, thought-provoking and witty posts. ;P
Hosting a development wiki as a central place for people who write software for AoS.

Edit: I'd like to mention that I have a lot of experience with moderating community forums, especially fairly large ones.
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Age: 21
Timezone and/or location: New Zealand (UTC+12, currently DST though so UTC+13 right now)
Contribution to the community: Well...

Made a few hacktools for admins which became features (flyhack for 0.70 -> spectator mode for 0.75, first person spec for 0.75 -> implemented in 0.76), and also made cp070.exe because that font renderer really, really sucks.

Modified 0.60 to see if the SMG was salvageable while I was still waiting for a contract from Jagex to be checked out. (I have since turned them down.)

Notorious Minit/KS/BaL and GBL badmin, although no longer doing adminwork for 0.75. (If you want me to do admin stuff, host 0.76 or 0.60-p11s. Thanks.)

Currently working on Iceball, an AoS clone/rewrite.
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Age: 18
Time Zone: EST (GMT -5:00) Canada

Well I've been playing AoS since about the .3's. Over this time I've gotten a taste of about everything there is in AoS whether it be the community, clans, servers, etc. I was a part of the Clan Council in the times of the old forums before Jagex took over and StackOverflow accidentally spilled the beans so I definitely know how to keep secrets and get along in the administration side of things. I'm also a Minit guard and aloha admin so I'm knowledgeable in the server side as well and I know a lot of what goes in game as well. I would say I'm a pretty active guy when it comes to community involvement. I idle around a whole lot of the IRC channels, sometimes in Mumble, and I always check the forums at least once a day. I would probably say I'm a lot of a behind-the-scenes type of guy as I like hanging around and checking out what people are doing while not making a whole lot of noise.

As for actual practical skills, I don't think I can help too much in coding. Other than a bit of minor Python I don't think my coding skills will be useful with what is being done here. I'm pretty good in GFX and can draw pretty much anything you want. I have a pretty level head and can deal with lots of different varieties of people which would help me deal with people on the forums. I'm also fairly good with mods too and can help there as well. I'm also pretty knowledgeable in phpBB so I can help with some of the technical aspects of the site.
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Age: 12 1/2
Timezone and/or location: central standard time
Contribution to the community: community manager/ lounge/ site feedback

I want to become a mod because I really like the way build and shoot feels as a community. I chose those categories because that's where i mostly hang out so it is easy to spot whether something is going on or just a bad joke. I hope you get the team you want.

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Age: 18

Timezone and/or location: Texas, the pit of evil, GMT-6

Contribution to the community: Aside from being a lovable scamp, I've been with the community since near the very beginning, and have a decent understanding of how it works (or worked, rather). I'm an admin on Minit, Komrade Server, and SuperCool Build, as well as a guard on aloha. I like people, and I'm relatively patient with them. I have somewhat of a familiarity with forum software and moderation tools, so it wouldn't be a long process to get used to things. I have decent leadership skills too, as shown by my clan experience and above server admin resumé. Also I'm awesome.
Global Moderator
Global Moderator
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Age: 17
Timezone and/or location: UTC+10, Australia
Contribution to the community: I've written a few scripts for pyspades which are now in use on Minit servers, which I've also recently begun to moderate. I was on the clan council, not that it really did very much. I'm very much a lurker more than a poster; I realize when I have nothing to contribute and I prefer to be "more signal than noise". I was a super moderator-slash-admin for a community similar to, but about five times larger than, the phpBB AoS forum for roughly a year, which gave me a very thorough knowledge of moderation "best practices" and tools. I managed to be very involved with the community without losing my mind, which I think speaks for my ability to be patient. I like to think that I'm good with people and even better with words. I'm also a leader of the most awesome clan/group/mini-community around. I'm a programmer and probably interested in contributing to whatever projects are being undertaken, if you're looking for contributors.
Former Pre-BnS Team
Former Pre-BnS Team
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Age: 17
Timezone and/or location: GMT -5, New York, United States of America
Contribution to the community: I was a Moderator on the previous forums for 6 months and a Global Moderator for 5, until Jagex shut them down on November 1. I am also a Minit administrator and was a Goon Haven administrator before those servers were shut down. I am fairly active in the community, and if I can't make it onto IRC on a particular day I almost always check the logs of .ops. I am also involved with the community in that I play the game quite often (I have taken to playing again in the past few weeks) and I lead the USAB clan. I trust you know all of these things already, but I suppose there's no harm in reminding you if I'm applying. Anyway, thanks for reading my application and I hope you'll consider me again.
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