SSG 08 | Rifle Skin (Version v1)

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Hello guys, I finished this skin a few days ago and
I want to say the news that it brings with it.

ssg 08.png
ssg 08.png (426.87 KiB) Viewed 1730 times
Skin originally created by Sidex15 and modified by me.
Things changed were:

[*]New loading animation,
[*]weapon position during changed running animation,
[*]less loose weapon when walking normally,
[*]high level of detail a
[*]nd high resolution 2D targeting

This is the first version of it, the new version will arrive soon correcting several things that were done in the final version

See the video showing how the weapon works in the game recorded by: Kaukkakanom#7611
Follow him on Discord


Follow our Discord community to stay on top of new skins:

SkinsSpades webstie: ... les/ssg-08


Build And Shoot:
SSG 08.rar
(2.93 MiB) Downloaded 119 times
Installation steps:

Guia de instalação - PT BR.txt
(1.42 KiB) Downloaded 78 times
Install Guide.txt
(1.37 KiB) Downloaded 86 times
Guía de instalación.txt
(1.41 KiB) Downloaded 63 times
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