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Hey. I recently moved to Tauranga. I still live in the motel, because my furniture in the new house was delayed a little on the road and I need to pick it up from the warehouse as soon as possible. I don’t have a lot of money right now and those offers from transfer companies that I found on the Internet are too expensive for me. Perhaps you know some solution to this problem?
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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many have encountered such problems and I understand that you didn't count on it, but what can you do ... You can still solve this problem. I know that you can try to find a moving company from the list on the wisemove portal that can transport your furniture at a discount because it will be on the road for them or because their other client will not mind sharing the trunk of their van with you. This really often happens, since people began to think more about the environment and are ready to share some services with their neighbors. Why not take this chance to save money on furniture movers in Tauranga? I really hope that you can pick up your furniture in the near future.
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Due to quarantine, I completely abandoned the repair and now everything has become more expensive and there is not enough delivery for everyone. He made orders for kitchen furniture but she didn’t come because she wasn’t collected and the workers were all at home.
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