[HELP] WIP Halo Assault Rifle HQ SMG model for Openspades

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I've been working for a time to make the Haulo Assault Rifle and it's near to be finished but i still need to fix some more things, so i need your help to fix them.




- As you can see, when you aim with that weapon, it moves to the center of the screen, but i want to modify it to make it lower than the center of the screen.
- I want to add a reflex sight but i have lots and lots of problems doing it with this 0.1.3 version of the client.

I would be grateful if someone help me in this half dead forums. Share the codes to fix that below this topic.
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Try basing it of PTroopers M4, it has reflex sights on and its overall good platform to get your models on.
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