Modding weapon animation?

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Compatible with AoS Classic.
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A long time ago I installed a mod for the SMG, it's pretty good that mod, but the most interesting thing I found on it was the animation, them was totally different.

It has a realistic animation, you can see how the charger falls down, how the player reload it.

Then I had a doubt, how does the people did that animation? Program it code by code it's really tedious, so I think there's a software or an easiest way to modify the animation when the player shoot or when it's reloading.

Waiting an answer from y'all guys. Blue_Septic Blue_Septic Green_Septic Green_Septic
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I think it was written by code.
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YVT wanted to add proper animation keyframe support, but that was never done. So yeah, the only way to do animations is by writing code.
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