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Hey so I run a private OpenSpades PySnips server to play with my friends but one of them in particular is having a strange issue happening to him where around 1-2 minutes after he joins, he gets "auto-kicked" from my server and I don't know why. He said his disconnect reason was "Unknown Reason" and I assume that this may have to do with his ping because he said he has around 200 ping when he's on my server (He lives in the UK). Could his ping be why he keeps getting auto-kicked and if so, is there anything I can do about it so he can play with us or is there another reason for this that I don't know? I know for sure it's just him because all of my other friends have no problem staying on the server. Thanks.
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Hi, pysnip is no longer maintained, please use

If this happens again with that, feel free to open a bug report there and we'll see if we can't investigate what's causing it.
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