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I'm sure you've all heard of murder miners.
Once filled with thousands of players, now barely more populated that AoS Classic.

But enough about that downside, lets talk about what was good and show off the sequal that is currently in development!

The original Murder miners as well as Murder miners X is a Halo like FPS that features a voxel map editor.

Now, technically, its not true voxels. But people don't really use it correctly now days so lets just say it for ease.

The latest video shows off a great deal of development for a few things but is focused on the editor side of things.

Now personally I'm a big fan of the original Murder miners so I am SUPER excited for this.

What does everyone else think?
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Oh man, this looks so cool! I haven't actually heard of Murder Miners before this post, but MMX looks so exciting. Will it be on Steam? I can't find any release info through a quick search.

Thanks for sharing!
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They plan to release it on steam, yes.

So far there is only sneak peeks here and there but they have considered releasing in Early access this year.

With that in mind, they avoided early access for the original Murder miners when they were porting it over to PC and instead had close testing (I was one of the testers :D) due to its less than positive view from gamers due to lots of cash grab games being on there.
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I used to put hours into this game, I've been patiently waiting ever since and I absolutley trust what you guys are doing. The creativity surpasses what I expected! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing!
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