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Green Master Race
Green Master Race
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Hi there,

there is a server named "Polski Hallway 24/7". The admins of this server are the worst i've ever seen!

I played on this server a few minutes ago, the admins were on the server and building smt. A hacker was in there team and was a real pain in the ass. I started a votekick and asked the admins to ban him from the server, they did not because "team". After the hacker got succesful votekicked, a mod or admin teleported to my spawn, flew and tried to kill me serveral times. He set his spawn to my spawn area. I spawn trapped him, to get him out of there. After i killed him some times he wrote "wtf?" and i got banned.

A few weeks befor i was playing on the same server and the admins used hacks and abused there possiblities, to kill the whole team.

Please dont join this server anymore and if its possible, turn the server down, the admins are assholes, u get banned if u kill them.

Winter Celebration 2013
Winter Celebration 2013
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You should stay away from any server that runs Hallway anyway. Hallway is cancer to this community.
Post Demon
Post Demon
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hallway=isis fuck isis
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I was playing in the same server , when a hacker appeared with the name of # 35 , I could not create a votekick , he began a against me and a total idiots thought it was against him , I was banned Green_Rifle
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i got band for no reason idk why guess the mods are that cancer
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