[MUST SEE]ultimately swagy chiken wepons REBIRTH

Guns, grenade, spade, and blocks.
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oboy my old name is in there

why did the chicken cross the road? to duck your shit up, son!
-kukelekuu and his wisdom after getting drunk from half a beer

everyone liked my chicken grenade so i was all like
"hey you guys lets make more chicken weapons"
and everyone was like
"your idea is great you are great gen"
yes you can not download them again how cool is that

here you can see something as funny as
chiken grenade
chiken spade
chiken/rooster shotgun
chiken smg

first in the line is chiken grenade rite
no 1st person because my pic got deletad and instead there is some gurl with boobs in old link
comes packed fully with original sounds made by kukelekuu

oh yes bby now we move out just to be welcomed by chiken spade
yes just look at this smexiness you wish you were that cool 2bad
diggin with god damn chicken so much goty
no sounds because kuke is lazy as hell he had to make sounds over year ago
im still waiting
http://www.mediafire.com/download/jr85s ... /spade.kv6

ok we have grenade spade so its time for this roster shotgun
it doesnt need much pics its just like spade but horizontally
there is probably scope in this pack too which sucks also sounds
http://www.mediafire.com/download/ol84s ... gun%21.rar

"We genetically engineerd chickens to produce eggs with shells as hard as metal and to lay up to thirty eggs a day. Sadly we are not god so now these chickens have an aproximate lifespan of 3 days. So grab yourself a couple of chickens, get on the battlefield and toss these chickens away once they stop laying their daily dose of eggs without feeling any remorse because they are in fact biological magazines for our new egg-smg!"
tl;dr no one will read that anyway wtf kuke
yes you saw it right its chiken on a smg coolnes overflow
also rly bad scope again and sounds
http://www.mediafire.com/download/sq5e5 ... hicsmg.rar

there was also some intel-egg and henhouse-cp but they sucked too much even for my standards

get these damn sounds kuke how long am i supposed to wait
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Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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wow gim downlod limk
Winter Celebration 2013
Winter Celebration 2013
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som1 pls ban, my cuzin is chiken and im offanded
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i dmnd 138190284190248190258139401824 packs pl0xxxxxx
Blue Master Race
Blue Master Race
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I'd like fried eggs for dinner.
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League Participant
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btw gen you are extremely gay
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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gen mods best mods
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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Good times, good mod.
Post Demon
Post Demon
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Raw skillz man. Also I recommend calling the chicken spade: chicken-on-a-stick ;)
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League Participant
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aww so cute :3
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Post Demon
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Oh damn, chickens were given a new meaning
Shia LaBeouf
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Deuced Up
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Very cute.
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