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Hey modders! Listen up! We're going to have a new rule here in Weapons Releases. It's pretty simple. It's not going to blow anybody's minds but hang onto your underwear just for safety's sake. Okay? Ready? Here we go. Blue_Happy3 Green_Happy3

Rule #1: If you didn't make a mod/skin/weapon yourself, then DON'T POST IT.

Just to be clear about this, the purpose of this forum is for content creators to release their wares. If you didn't make that wicked awesome Desert Eagle kv6 model, then it's not yours. Let the person who released it do so themselves. Want to share it with a friend? Send them a link in a pm or an email. Simple enough? I hope so.

This also goes for "Pack" releases. It is not cool to compile a bunch of other people's work into a zip file, slap your name on it, and call that a "Release". I don't care if you gave so and so credit. I am willing to revise this rule for legitimate collaborative group efforts.

I am sorry to have to implement this rule but I've just noticed a bunch of people spamming up this forum lately with stuff like this.
I don't overly feel a need to create a rule for everything but I think this one should be pretty obvious to people. Other things I might add would be, add a picture to your postings. As they say, No Pic. No Click.

Carry on!
-The Management
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