Evil Sword / Spade Skin

Guns, grenade, spade, and blocks.
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Opiniões, criticas e ideias. São bem-vindas :D
Opinions, critiques and ideas. Are welcome :D

Hello. This skin was based on a pixel art found on the internet. Some things could not do because of the color limitation. I was going to create two swords, but I only did one because the other needed colors I did not have in the game. If I tried to make the sword with the colors I had in the game, it would definitely look bad

Portuguese Of Brazil:
Essa Skin foi baseada numa Pixel art que eu achei na internet. Eu ia criar outra espada mas não deu por causa da limitação de cores.. Essa espada outra espada ia precisar de vários tipos de cores azuis, então, só deu para fazer uma :C

(If the screenshot does not appear, go to the link below)
(Se a captura de tela não aparecer, vá para o link abaixo)

Screenshot / Capturas de tela


https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NRA8q ... iEWJUUMtPk
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