[MAP] Harbor 2

The level/layout/play area.
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Download: http://www.box.com/s/9fnu4or4ziqqgfp0n25l
Screenshots and map preview: http://imgur.com/a/x7V2D

Harbor 2 is an urban map complete with sewers, subways, and many buildings.

Thanks to Triplefox for the original height map and tunnel layout and the SuperCool builders who made most of the buildings.
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Its pretty nice.
The problem is just that we would need more players (like 32 vs 32) to make these maps really awesome.
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I originally thought that triple fox had made it but now I know it was you. Harbor was my first and all time favorite map, it had alot of fun battles. It also sharpened my sniper skills. Thanks for making an awesome map Blue_Happy3
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Looks pretty nice. And as Venator said, it would be nice to have 32 vs. 32, since the map looks pretty big.
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I used to love this map when I played it on Goonhaven 3!
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Would be interesting to play some Dog eat Dog on this map, as its got a lot of buildings and places to hide.
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