The Obligatory Map Release Guidelines Posting

The level/layout/play area.
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Hi folks. I just wanted to lay out a few ground rules.

1. If you're posting in here, you're posting a link to download the map from. or are some suggestions.

2. If you're posting in here, you're posting a link to a picture of the map. Everybody likes pictures. People are far more likely to download the map you put all that effort into creating if it has a preview pic so do yourself a favor. You can use a screenshot app like FRAPS or you can simply use your Prnt Scrn key and cut and paste into an image editor of your choice.
If you want a really snazzy bird's eye 3D isometric 3/4-angle view of your map. Check this out.

Then upload it to an image host like or and proceed to embed it in your posting.
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or, alternatively, you can use the attachment feature built-in to these forums:
(Please try not to use a file host that requires people to register or pay a fee to download your file. Nobody wants to have to go to any trouble to download. is also a good option to host images or files.)

3. It is highly recommended you include any map configuration .txt files in a zip file, along with your map.

4. It is also suggested you playtest your map before releasing it. This means set up a server yourself or have a friend set one up for you and run the map. Invite some people to join privately and then maybe even play it publicly for a while before releasing it. This can save you a lot of embarrassment later on. Things to look out for are buildings or objects that look like they are connected solidly to the ground... but aren't. Also, if you are making a specialized map, for Arena Mode for example, be positive you've not left some gaps in the map that allow people to escape from the boundaries and cheat. As they say in carpentry, measure twice, cut once.
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