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The level/layout/play area.
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hey can someone tell me how to make a map from the start cause im downloading now and i want to make a perfect for tunnels map and maybe like i see the hallway i would like to make a more complex version with a big wall in the middle of the map and maybe one that would be like your in a mansion and 1 beside you one team owns one the other owns the other and they have a little war there. i really want to play and to make some of these ideas i just got
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pyspades map editor should help you a bit thought its hard to explain
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I'm planning to create a detailed tutorial on how to create fun maps, but to kick you off I'll point you in the right direction:

The programs you need to use are the Pyspades Map Editor, voxed (Voxel Editor), which is included in the Ace of Spades folder on your computer (C:\Ace of Spades) and slab6.

The Pyspades Map Editor is used in conjuction with 512x512 sized bitmap pictures to create the terrain your map is played on. You create a 512x512 picture in paint with white being the highest point on the map, black being water and various shades of gray in between representing the different heights from 63 blocks high and down. You also create a colour map with paint that is basically the surface color of the map. The Pyspades Map Editor uses these two image files to create your .vxl map file.

You then use slab6 to create the objects you want to place on your map like trees, bunkers, houses and other various structures. Save them as .kvx or .vox files. This is one of the easiest parts to do.

Lastly, you use voxed to import these props you created in slab6 into the map you made with the Pyspades Map Editor.

After a few hours editing you are done. You can also load the map up on a server and edit it in-game with the shovel and blocks and press F1 to save it to "C:\Ace of Spades\vxl".

Hope this helps you :)

To inspire you, my D Day 0048 was made only with these programs listed (other than ms paint and gimp to help with making the height maps for the Pyspades Map Editor).
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Here's a site with 3 or 4 simple tutorials that might get you up to speed.
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