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Does anyone have a palette of colors to make a hieghtmap? I have a map right now, however I do not have the colors to hieghtmap it correctly, as the map comes out a series of cliffs up to the sky limit that should be an 8 blocks maximum height island.
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Well, if I remember all this correctly then it's like this. Your heightmaps are 8-bit grayscale.
Like this:

You've got 64 levels available in the good ol' AoS beta. So with 256 different shades of gray up there it'd be every 4 grays would be a different level with black (RGB value 0,0,0) being water and white (RGB value 255,255,255) being the topmost level. So to get 8 blocks up you'd count 32 blocks over on that palette up there.

You can just keep that open in GIMP or Photoshop or what-have-you and use it as a palette while you create your heightmap. That work for you? Something else that works well is working in black & white and applying varying degrees of gaussian blur.
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You could try to use a multiply or divide on the "map that reaches the sky". There's 64 levels on that map; you want 8. Divide by 8*, or multiply by (256 / 8) = 32*. Bucket fill your whole selection in divide mode in GIMP.
The advantage of this approach is that you can work on something you can actually distinguish no matter how low you want your map to be. (Just look at how close the first 9 values on the palette are.) Second benefit is that you could also use the grayscale for a colour map, should you ever want to do that.

* You use grayscale and then do the value for red, green and blue component each. So f.i. (8,8,8)
TBH I'm not 100% sure how divide or multiply works. I always just try something until it works like expected >_> And then forgot what I did >_>;
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If you want to avoid all this mathematical bs you can use my grayscale:
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