(Almost) all of JojoeStinky's maps

The level/layout/play area.
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Since Jojoe had to have all his maps deleted when Jagex arrived about two years ago, I figured it would be a good idea to finally start a thread in order to recollect his maps and to allow more server hosters to use them without spending hours of search on the internet.
To navigate through them more easily, I've separated his maps into 4 different folders, each one representing a different 'era' of Jojoes mapping tools and techniques.

Still missing maps :
-football maps
-pre jagex version of his meatloaf map

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hiau7vm2dlz7 ... emaps?dl=0
(All the credit obviously goes to JojoeStinky)
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Wow, thanks for putting this all together Blue_Happy1
From what i know, a public release of the football maps only depends on approval from Hompy.
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So, what happened to JoeJoe?
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Lincent wrote:
So, what happened to JoeJoe?
He disappeared off the face of the earth
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