Tideway Map (The Unofficial Sequel to Hallway)

The level/layout/play area.
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Tideway (The unofficial sequel to Hallway)

Hi everyone, I am a new mapper on build and shoot, i have played this game a lot for a long time and this is my first post.

One of the most played maps on this game is hallway and I always had the feeling that it was missing something. I started creating some basic maps some time ago and I had an idea of how to change this map for the better. I started with some sketches and with time, patience and a lot of help from the official discord users I was able to create this.

So now I present to you my final work made in collaboration with Tr0lh3x, with the support of Rakete175 and the player "Setup.py".

Tideway is the new map that will revolutionize the classic hallway layout, this beach themed map has 2 spawns for each team. Each of those spawns has 3 "bridges" that connect to 3 different places - the main central bridge connects the spawn to the central tideway (corridor), and the 2 side bridges connect the spawn to the "towers" .

Map Layout and Strategy
The center of the map has a giant block where you will be able to create tunnels to attack the other team.This same central block has a diamond shaped corridor that connects both teams from the center and has a beautiful gradient color on the inside and a small corridor of water, hence the name Tideway.

The "towers" I talked about earlier are 4 giant blocks that are next to each spawn, these blocks are very very important for the gameplay because on these you will either use them to attack the enemy team or defend your team from possible attacks from the right and left flank. Each team will fight for the dominance of these towers and you need to be aware of the enemy, because they may create a bunker on top of them, which will be a pain in the ass#### Green_BigSmile .

The side flanks have 3 islands that you can use to have a firefight Blue_Pistolwith the enemy team and use them to take cover, you can conquer island by island until you reach the enemy tower.

So in total theres 5 ways you can attack on this map. You can attack from the central corridor, the top of the central block, create tunnels on the central block, or attack by the right and left flanks.

On top of the central block you will be able to build on top of it to a max height of 5 blocks so you will be able to build small fortifications (Something that the classic hallway didn't allow), while on the towers you will be able to build up to 3 blocks (to prevent camping).

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the map,
SeeSea & Tr0lh3x.

(Also check Tr0lh3x twitch for openspades streams and map trailer).

Download below on attachments:
Or check out the party.aos Tideway upload with further map info: https://aos.party/view/1113 (Props to ByteBit)
Tideway V1.01 map file (vxl).
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Tideway V1.01 pyspades txt file.
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The top map view.
TidewayMap.png (513.89 KiB) Viewed 12922 times
The isometric Tideway map view.
Tideway.png (498.09 KiB) Viewed 12922 times
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