Client Bug Fix for OP Drag Build Exploit

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a girl
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BR from Aloha pointed this exploit out to me and I won't go into details on how to do it as to avoid proliferation of the knowledge, but it allows a player to drag build from any remote location that he has a line of sight to all the way back to his current location. This script is a simple method to prevent that. Imagine what people could do with that in bridging wars or babel servers... not cool. I recommend this to all server owners, especially babel servers.

So I'm writing this after pulling an all nighter so I feel the need to clarify. Using this exploit, I can point my crosshairs at a block 50 blocks away, then drag build a bridge to my feet without ever moving. This requires no hacks, just a vanilla .75 client. Scared yet? You should be... get the script to block it from happening on your server.
just stick it in your scripts folder and add it to your list of scripts in your config file.
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Good work, thanks.

Script validated/approved.
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I suspect that this script sometimes causes valid linebuilds to fail. Ever since this script was applied, i experienced that (mostly long) linebuilding sometimes leaves me with the amount of blocks taken from my block counter, but without anything built. Happened on several servers from different locations, maybe it's some small lag spikes that mess up the player position/orientation the script works with. I asked a few people and they had the same experience.
Unfortunately, i was not able to predictably reproduce this issue, so it more or less appears randomly (and can be quite frustrating, if in the worst case you fail to repair a critical structure and therefore lose a game).

Edit: An improved is available at:
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