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This post was supposed to be here in 2017, but all this time it was saved as a draft because was unfinished. Post still needs some improvemets (e.g. all gun previews should be same style), but I dont want to keep it anymore and do anything with it. And important, mod is no longer in development. Here it is, enjoy.

ModernWar II - big modification for OpenSpades 0.0.12 which has plenty of weapons and some unique features. ModernWar I was released in 2014, second part of mod in 2015 and it made one big step further in OS modding.

There are 14 weapons in total: 5 rifles, 7 SMGs and 2 shotguns. List is below. All weapons have custom animations and realistic sounds.

AK12 Image

AK-74 Image

Beretta M9 & Desert Eagle Image

Glock 19

HK G36C Image

KRISS Vector Image

M4* Image

M249 Image

MP7 (set by default) Image

Rading Bull Image

SCAR20 (set by default)

SVD Image

TOZ-194 Image

SPAS-12 (set by default)

*actually M16A4 and its rifle, but ChocoHel_ named it M4.

  • Changebale attachments Image

    Do you want to customize your gun, be a tacticool operator or aim better with scope? In ModernWar you can do this.

  • Pistols

    Some pistols for each gun type. Glock 19 for SMG, Rading Bull for shotgun and M9 with Deagle for rifle.

  • Stickers

    Yeah, stickers, seriously. Now you can decorate your gun this way. There is not a lot of them, but you can make your by yourself (template inside, you can find it).

  • Custom sounds, playermodels and more

    Since ModernWar is separated client, you also will have some new sounds (like chat and explosions), MW background for loading screen, new grenade, playermodels and pickaxe instead of spade.

You can find .txt installation guides in folders ModernWar 2 1.2.0\Resources\Guns & Upgrades\ for guns and in ModernWar 2 1.2.0\Resources\Logotypes\ for stickers.

Plans for the future:
  • Update gun sounds.
  • More compatible weapons for cobra sight.
  • Make new attachment system.


Special thanks to Chameleon for help and mod review.
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Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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these skins are really nice. good job!
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These look awesome! good job!
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Do you want to revive the forum?
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I appreciate that you liked it. This mod was for a pretty long time isolated and available only for russian community. Im glad that now we shared it with everyone.
I also forgot about some small extra features, so I edited post a bit.
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Hello I am from Argentina I am using the translator I just wanted to say great pack of weapons I'm pretty good this community is very empty very few people play it lucky that I saw a person who climbs a few skins in this present regards.
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Wow, this pack is absolutely awesome! Well done mate, i would like to contact with you someday.
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