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Sauce Here
http://www.mediafire.com/download/2bdp3 ... ight-6.pak

New version of 2D Aim Down Sight with updated weapon models and new sounds, to match latest 0.0.12 style. Pictures semi.png, smg.png and shotgun.png not included however, due to GPL licensing issues. You could absolutely without any problem use semi.png, smg.png and shotgun.png from Ben Askoy's AoS 0.75 distro which is freeware.

How to Try

To try this, you need semi.png, smg.png, and shotgun.png from AoS 0.75, and OpenSpades 0.0.12 or later.

Copy pngsight-6.pak into Resources.
Create Gfx directory in Resources.
Copy semi.png, smg.png, and shotgun.png into the Gfx directory.
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