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Hi Everyone,

IEMatrixGuy (a.k.a OfficialPiAddict) here. As a former Mac user I understand the frustrations of installing OpenSpades mods. Because of this, I have decided to create a mod installer, which is currently very early in development, but functional. It works both on Mac and Windows at the moment, but linux support could be added if people wanted it.

The installer is currently in a very early version, and only works with certain mod directory structures. This means that it only works with some mods at the moment but support for more mod structures will come in the next few versions.

Some Mods that currently work with this installer include:

See the readme for more information. The tool is available here:!cJokBbjK!W3OtYKB-zW1S ... jIKP_oFe_o

I hope this is useful to some people. I'll continue to develop and maintain this tool if people find it useful.

OfficialPiAddict out. o7
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Traveller was looking around the forums as you do and i found the get me home mod on tmo is this/will this mod be made available for ATO ?
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What about the savegames? If you save in a mod level it wouldnt be working any more. Maxbe you could put this on your todo list too.

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