Modern War II adaptation for OpenSpades 0.1.3

Released modifications for the OpenSpades client.
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Just click the link and follow instructions to use install it.

What is Modern War II? ... 76&t=14633

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Well done, I didn't except that someone will do that. Putting all MW files into one .zip archive was a good idea also.
We actually had plans for returning to MW developing, starting from 0.1.3 port... But seems like you did all job for us. :)
UPD: However, you can't set default weapons here (e.g. MP7 and SCAR20, SPAS-12), because earlier it was working as override system, default guns were in BaseSkin.pak, while other weapons were made as CustomWeapon.pak. Now there is just one zip, since there are no default gun models with scripts and sounds in Guns & Upgrades (only scopes for them), they won't work.
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