[Pyspades] Executing a ingame command on player join

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Hey so ive setup a server with pyspades and bots but since the bots need to be automatically added each game im wondering if there is a away to either execute the /addbot command automatically or use a function in the bot script im very new to python coming from c++ but have been looking around trying to use the on_connect function but cant seem to get it working anyone have any ideas

pseudo code or anything info trying to make this work is appreciated
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Hi, pypsades hasn't been updated since around 2012. Please use https://github.com/piqueserver/piqueserver.

You will want to hook the on_login hook in your plugin. You can look at other plugins e.g. https://github.com/piqueserver/piqueser ... e2.py#L236 to see how it's done.
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