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from pyspades.server import orientation_data, grenade_packet
from pyspades.common import coordinates, Vertex3
from pyspades.constants import *
from import Grenade

def apply_script(protocol, connection, config):
    class RocketlauncherConnection(connection):

        def on_hit(self, hit_amount, hit_player, type):
            if type != GRENADE_KILL and self.weapon == SHOTGUN_WEAPON:
                return False
            return connection.on_hit(self, hit_amount, hit_player, type)

        def on_shoot_set(self, fire):
            if self.weapon == SHOTGUN_WEAPON and self.tool == WEAPON_TOOL and fire == True:
                return connection.on_shoot_set(self, fire)
            if fire == True:
                value = 0.5
                return connection.on_shoot_set(self, fire)
            x, y, z = self.world_object.orientation.x, self.world_object.orientation.y, self.world_object.orientation.z
            mod = 8.0
            grenade_packet.value = value
            grenade_packet.player_id = self.player_id
            grenade_packet.position = (self.world_object.position.x, self.world_object.position.y, self.world_object.position.z) 
            grenade_packet.velocity = (x * mod, y * mod, z * mod)
            position = Vertex3(self.world_object.position.x, self.world_object.position.y, self.world_object.position.z) 
            velocity = Vertex3(x * mod, y * mod, z * mod)
            airstrike =, value, 
                position, None, 
                velocity, self.grenade_exploded)
            connection.on_shoot_set(self, fire)

    return protocol, RocketlauncherConnection
help me!!!! please make the roket launcher code part
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