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Hi guys

I play AOS a lot and now i am hosting my own server (BRSpades).

I am planning to make a script that modifies a map, a script that i can use and set the coordinates to remove a block, More precisely, i want a script that if i set an X and Y coordinates, this coordinate turns into water block.

Then i will set this script to work in an community map, so it will be the normal map, but in the coordinates that i specificate it will be water blocks (no blocks).

Can you guys help-me?

I dont know even where to start.

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What exactly do you want to do? And why?

AoS has no real water blocks, it's just the lowest level. The blocks directly above the water can not be added or removed on the Voxlap client. But it does work fine with OpenSpades and should work fine with BetterSpades too.
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Já que tu é BR a resposta vai ser em PT-BR mesmo.
Cara remover tudo qualquer construção em uma determinada área do mapa até tem script para isso, mas agora deixar o bloco de água é impossível, porque sempre vai existir o 'ultimo' bloco que é de terra ou água dependendo do mapa, qualquer dúvida chama no (TheKing-#7014)

~StarDust (admin dos servidores UBGE)
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