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Turn the spade into a golden hammer.

Hitting a block from the original map with your spade (golden hammer) doesnt brake it, but actually repairs the blocks around it, if those blocks were part of the original map. Blocks can be placed anywhere as normal. These player-placed blocks can be destroyed as normal.

The Golden Hammer will keep your map nice and pristine, restoring it to its original glory! Its mostly a defensive weapon so it can be implemented in infiltration mode.

Giving 1 team golden hammers and the other team normal spades is preferred, otherwise only bullets and grenades would do blockdamage.

- howyougonnagriefnow?
- repairing is done quicker and from a bigger distance

- not being able to dig. Maybe right button digging would dig, while left button fixes.
- the ability to block yourself in, so tunnels are tricky, should be ok inside buildings tho.

This mode is pretty invisible when played on a simple, flat map, since most of the blocks will be placed by players and will be treated normally. If you'd like to make the mode as self-explainatory and clear as possible, use the simple imagery from the game Wreck it Ralph and rebuild Felix''s apartment block. Play a demolition/infiltration race! One team can play as Felix, the other as Ralph. IM GONNA WRECK IT!
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This game hasn't been updated in like years

It was sold to JaGex who failed and is now making another AoS wannabe to fail once more
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