[Request/Idea/improvment] airstrike V2.0

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Green Master Race
Green Master Race
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I wondered if someone Can make a Scripts same as airstrike, but make him also work from The server console ( that CMD windown where u can control your server). Also, you wont need some Killstreak for it.
it Can be An Admin-Airstike. also Admins from the game (i mean from the Cilent ) could also use it without get any score streak.

So how does it should be written ?
/aa B4 40
What does is means ?
/AdminAirstrike [Location on the map e.g. B4] [Time in Sec].
well it doesnt have to be Adminairstrike, i also can be called in other name
like : /at (AirAttack) , /AB (AirBombing) ,Ect...

Is it possible to make this script ? If yes , i hope That someone will make it :)
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