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3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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If you're familiar with rtv from cs:s in any way, you'd know that a mapvote initiates after specified percentage of the people in the server type /rtv in chat. We already have votemap.py, but I'm looking for a mapvote system that can be initiated by non-staff.

Can somebody make this for AoS?

(Modifications of votemap.py, or entirely new mapvote systems, both are appreciated)
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Here, I have tested this on my localhost however there is a slight chance that a bug may have found its way inside. If you find any, tell me and I will fix them.

As you have requested there is a /rtv command which all players can use, if a certain amount of players have used it, (this is set to the default votemap percentage, that is 80%, you can change this on line 210) then a votemap will be initiated.

Admins can still initiate votemaps with the command /votemap
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