[SCRIPT] Mines

Incomplete code that isn't ready for use.
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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this is my first pysnip script yadda yadda
sorry in advance for 100% of the code, you may contract cancer if you do so much as peek at it

right click on a block with a grenade to turn it into a mine! :D

mine functionality:
  • Explodes when an enemy/explosion is nearby (including other mines!)
  • Mines kill through 1 block thick walls(/floors/ceilings)
  • Takes time to activate
  • Team-based
    • Changes to preset team color on activation
    • Blues don't explode blue mines on proximity, greens(/reds) do
  • Shoot them to make them go boom!
other stuff:
  • Players spawn with 0 mines, and must go to the tent to get a maximum of 5
  • Dig mines to retrieve(/steal) them
    • Digging mines is safe, even for enemy players
  • Babel functionality
    • You can't place mines on your own tower or on heaven (the platform)
    • You can dig out enemy mines from your own tower, the script will replace the block instantly (no structure breaking involved)
    • You can explode mines from afar
  • @{/tm} (/togglemine [player]) Disables players' ability to place mines server-wide, or disables it only for a single player
  • @{/tma} (/togglemineadjacency [player]) Disables mines' ability to explode from nearby explosions, or disables it only for a single player
  • @{/cm} (/clearmines) Deletes all mines from the map, and replaces them with the previous block that occupied their spot; does not break structures.
  • @{/tim} (/toggleinfinitemines) Toggles whether players have infinite mines. Like infinite blocks in godmode. Server-wide.
  • (/mines) Shows you how many mines you currently have. (amount persists through infinite mines)
@{/alias} (/command)
@ = admin only

sorry in advance for 100% of the code, you may contract cancer if you do so much as peek at it
sorry if i forgot anything. tell me if i suck at scripting and/or need to fix something ASAP
please don't look inside i don't want you to die :(
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have an extremely laggy test server:
Post Demon
Post Demon
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looking nice. I went on there and tried a bit. Looking pretty cool. Keep up the work
League Champs
League Champs
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really good job
i tried a bit on your server and that could be really nice on global master's on servers.
Post Demon
Post Demon
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I could only see the script on my mobile so far, and it actually seems ok.
Somebody suddenly coming up with something so advanced is quite a surprise, well done. Now, your script is likely to drown, since the servers that have people on usually don't use such scripts, but if that doesn't happen, it will be a really great thing (would maybe even make me release some stuff).
Lee Revell
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I love it, I want to help make it bigger. So if it's ok with you I am going to put it on my posts, under your name though. Is that ok?
3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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Nice script. It really adds something to the gameplay.
I used it on my server:
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