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Intended for use on live public servers.
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well since i started today so lively i might as well release this one as well

spawntimeadjust.py allows you to set different respawn times for each team and change it in-game via commands
this one proved rather usefull to me lately since i am too lazy to change the respawn time everytime in the config when i its not set properly according to the given circumstances

especialy infiltration servers might profit from this script since it can increase the difficulty for one team significantly
also .76 servers might find this script usefull since they are rarely filled

/spawntime green <value> (/st g <x>) : sets the green teams respawn time to X seconds
/spawntime blue <value> (/st b <x>) : i think that will be obvious right?

keep in mind that the respawn_time you set in the configs file of your server will be overruled with this script, so in order to change the default respawntime one has to open the script and change these two values
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blue_spawn_time = 10
         green_spawn_time = 10
according to whatever amount of seconds you want
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