Build Server Script Pack with Script list for config.txt

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Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I'm sorry I'm not more active in the forums here, but Commodore helped me fix (told me how to fix) the no map advance bugs in the build scripts so I figured it would be good to share the complete list of build scripts compiled by SuperCool Build over the past 2 1/2 years. There have been great contributions by the likes of hompy, infogulch and commodore as of late. I included a txt file showing which scripts should be included in the config.txt script list. If a script is not on that list but is in this package, it still needs to reside in the scripts folder.

If you have any questions you can probably best reach my by sending me a /msg on QuakeNet IRC or sending a pm on the SuperCool forums at

Bux Xray
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supercool so lucky,
got have good scripters..
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Thanks for putting this together.

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IAmYourFriend wrote:
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Whoa it only took you a year
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Broken link. Green_Nothappy
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