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Former Pre-BnS Team
Former Pre-BnS Team
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I think it is generally agreed that we must do this again.
Except on a weekend, and earlier.. so that more of us can get to it.

I shall no doubt arrange this :) we had 13 or so top? I reckon we could double that with more warning, outreach and a different date/time.
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Thank you for organizing this! It was totally awesome! Green_Pistol Blue_Pistol2
League Champs
League Champs
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Lmao I'd probably join if its on a weekend
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Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the TOGA party on Saturday night especially the group photo outside, we have never seen so many boobs uncoverd at the same time cant wait to see the photos on the gallery. :D Although we love our Saturday nights we were wondering about this school girl party on Friday, will people go for a theme on Friday. We would hate to give up our Saturday night if its not going to work What DO YOU THINK ?

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