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Deuced Up
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There has been interest in doing another league, which is fantastic! Green_Happy3

I've set up a Google Form for possible participants to vote for game modes, team sizes, and other interests. Green_Happy2

Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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I think the choice between OpenSpades and Classic AoS should be optional.
Green Master Race
Green Master Race
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Dear god,

please only Voxel, 0.76 with the classic maps and casual ctf. The old league was good
League Champs
League Champs
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CTF is the only good mode IMO, and being able to play on openspades as well as voxlap would be pretty cool too. Also I think the 4v4 team size basically makes large maps unplayable, so sticking to islands would probably be the best.
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