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Hey. As I'm sure you all know, I'm Archifag Archifae. I created this thread, so we can truly see which country is the most skilled. Of course, there are rules, and here are some, so you don't... 'accidentally' sign-up.

No history of any ban (votekicks depend, AFK varies for the amount of time you are AFK).
Hacking is strictly prohibited.
No spam. Spam is like stuff from the 80's. It ain't the 80's anymore.
No offensive content.
No harassing. Yes, false votekicks and calling people 'n00bs' are forms of harassment.
Limit of camping. This is build and SHOOT, not build and CAMP.

1. First you have to create a team of at least 5, no max limit set.
2.Add the first two letters of your country to your name. Example: [AU]Archifae, [BR]Ronaldo, [SW]FEDERER.
3.There will be friendlies, just for you guys to test your mettle
4. There is going to be a 1 week gap between matches.
5. We're gonna create a server, and send it via PM to you guys.
5.5. We admin the matches.
6. You play.*

* The modes will vary.

Teams (so far):

no korea. XD i joke i joke.


If you're gonna comment, please do not have 'Archifag' within it, or I will not respond. Yeah, I really cbf with that.
Do not post that the community is ded, this is to try and revive it.
If there has been a similar disc. before please tell me.
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Head Admin / Co-founder
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When will this begin?
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Never if you just delete everyone's posts and rob the thread of all its attention and activity
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This sounds like fun! :) Good luck.
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