Aaron Emmett’s Helpful Tips for Better Real Estate Management

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In considerable detail, property management often relates to commercial properties only. However, every homeowner must know that home maintenance is for both individual and commercial properties. With this, every homeowner needs to pay attention to focusing, maintaining, and improving a plan to manage their personal property. Many home buyers only consider their mortgage principal and interest, utilities, and escrow items like real estate taxes and insurance. However, many of them do not prepare for minor and major property repairs. For this reason, Aaron Emmett has created 6 items that every homeowner must pay attention to, to maintain the normal shape of their property while boosting its value.
1. Windows/ doors
Maintaining your windows and doors is the best thing you can do especially if you are using heating and air conditioning systems. If you don’t take care of your windows and doors, you will be wasting a lot of money on your utility bills (for air conditioners) and heating bills (for heating systems). Make sure your doors have Swept, and they close tightly. Also, make sure your windows are caulked.
2. Interior
Don’t forget to schedule maintenance for the interior part of your house; this includes the floors, walls, etc. according to Aaron Emmett, you should always remember to clean and repaint around the windows and the window sills. For a tight budget and on an alternate schedule, you can paint one or two rooms per year. Inspect your carpet and your floor. If you are using wood floors, check if they need care.
3. Grounds
What is the nature of the ground your home is situated on? Is it wooded, clear, slopped, or leveled? This will give you a clue on how to manage it. you need regular removal of leaf if there are lots of trees. Besides, you need regular maintenance, mowing, watering, and repairing your lawn. Do you need in-ground sprinklers or you already have one? You should prepare for regular maintenance and repair. Go you have gardens? Look for a way to take care of them.
4. Roof
Although the roof on the house can last for more than 25 years, you must take care of it to improve its life expectancy. A roof with different faulty areas may not last for more than 10 years. Check the gutters and clean the leaves from it. once in a while, take a look at the roof of your house and check for faults. Check if there is any part of the house or attic with dampness. If any, repair as soon as you can.
5. Heating/ air conditioning systems
As a professional estate manager, Aaron Emmett recommends the regular checking and cleaning of the boiler to homeowners. Also, Preventive Maintenance must be performed before the winter. Clean, change, or winterize your air conditioning systems and make sure they are well-maintained. While cleaning your heating and air conditioning filters, don’t forget to clean or change your air filters.
6. Painting/ power - washing
No matter where your house is located and what material you have on the exterior, you must have a different schedule for these things. You will need to maintain your house more often if your house is located close to the ocean and you will need a special care on your painting if your property is located in the woods. However, if your house is a wooden one, like cedar shingles, you should ask a local paint store how often properties in that area need painting. Aaron Emmett can help in this case. If your house is a vinyl-sided one, you should power-wash it every year or once in two years. Maintaining your house regularly will cost less than waiting for an accident to occur.
Above all, Aaron Emmett recommends creating a budget for home maintenance for homeowners annually. Create a home maintenance account and put some money there just for the maintenance of your home. If you have some money left this year, add it to next year’s contribution.
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