Can't see Players guns if modded

OpenSpades is an open source alternative client for AoS Classic and beyond! Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Created by yvt.
Compatible with AoS Classic.
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Hey guys,
I'm pretty new to this forum, though I've some experience with Ace of Spades and I recently found out about Open Spades.
After getting to mod the weapons I noticed a bug. I can't see the guns I modded on others players, except some random instances. For example, if I modded the SMG the people who picked the SMG didn't hold any guns, they were grabbing the air.
And this happend with every mod and every weapon I chose, I even downloaded the client and freshly modded it 5 times to try to eliminate this bug.
I myself haven't any problems with mods, everything is pretty normal and functions properly for my player.

I hope you can answer soon,
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Interesting... If nobody has a reply here you should probably file an issue at with enough information to reproduce the bug
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Wow, it's been two years of this problem and is still on this 0.1.3 version. Happen the same to me.
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