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OpenSpades is an open source alternative client for AoS Classic and beyond! Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Created by yvt.
Compatible with AoS Classic.
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Fluffeh Panda
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Hello! I am planning to get into the modding scene for the OpenSpades and I thought to myself "Man would it be nice if there was a thread that showed all the items and resources to use for modders". So here it is.
Post here for your recommend scripts, programs, and tricks/tips for modding on Openspades. (Generally Textures and models, for low-res and high-res models.) Links to other threads are also welcomed!

Request- What scripts to use to attach attachments and resize weapons

Request- Good free source for weapon sounds
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My favorite Tool is VoxelShop, great editor!
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I prefer using MagicaVoxel as a modeling tool ;)
Post Demon
Post Demon
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voxel shop is amazing for editing the models because you can add layers and you get more selection options, but i use slab6 after to pivot the gun and stuff
Green Master Race
Green Master Race
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I used to use Slab6 & Voxelshop. Slab6 is best for rotation etc but Voxelshop is way nice to use.
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