Is it possible to create and play on an offline, LAN server?

OpenSpades is an open source alternative client for AoS Classic and beyond! Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Created by yvt.
Compatible with AoS Classic.
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Blue Master Race
Blue Master Race
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I am a big fan of LAN parties, and love this game. It would awesome if we could play this game locally, but I can't figure it out. Custom servers off of the server list are online, and if I use the server app included with 0.75, I still can't localhost connect through OpenSpades. Is there any way to play offline? If not, will there ever be?

You may ask why not just use the current custom server system that works fine. We don't always have internet access, and we can't play at school because they block access to online game servers (LAN works just fine, as proven with Paintball 2).

Thanks. Blue_BigSmile

P.S. I have also always wondered if the flashlight is seen by others, or if only the user can see it.
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That's a very late reply, but:

I'm quite sure OpenSpades can connect to localhost. If you're still up to it, try connecting to aos://16777343 ( There is a tool for converting IP addresses to aos:// adresses made by noway here:
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Since nobody has mentioned it: You need to run your own server to be able to play without internet access.

The flashlight is local-only. The flashlight was not in the original game, it was added by OpenSpades so no way to inform other players of the flashlight status exists in the protocol.
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