Team skins?

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Compatible with AoS Classic.
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i.e. green/red/blue/yellow/zombie isntead of player in player model names.
Would help some players AND make it more interesting, especially when it comes to modding.

For one, Rakghoul zombies, Imperial reds, Merc blues, Wookiee greens, Council yellows in a Star Wars conversion.
Team weapon skins would also be a good idea from modding POV - Ritual Blades for wookiees, vibroblades for mercs, sabers for Council and durasteel shovels for Imperials.
Since we only change weapon 3 on resp, maybe also add class skins
PERHAPS, to avoid renaming weirdness, keep teams/classes in own paks (21-35, pak021_bluesemi.pak)

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Good, but who will work on this. Blue_BigSmile Green_tongue
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