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I want to change my scope but I have a 'build and shoot' folder and in this folder there is only the launcher. I had AoS installed before the 0.75 version but deleted after I stopped playing. I've come back now and downloaded build and shoot but the files that would usually come with AoS aren't in my build and shoot folder.

Am I suppose to download these files separately? Would they work with build and shoot if I added the files into my B&S folder?

Thanks is advance to anyone that can help me.
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If it's like Steam AoS it will be exactly the same because it is classic.

Don't migrate the files, BnS is good without them. BnS should install 0.75 and 0.76 automatically. If not, use royalspades or openspades
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Hey man, just try to check firstly in your user/appdata/buildandshoot/0.75 if you're using the BnS Launcher your main folder should be in, then if you don't just check out in c:/AceOfSpades

Hope it helped
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