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I reformulated the default skin, left it bigger on the sides, I took out the black background that is covering the CP, raised the height, the flag is next to it. If there is a person inside it, you can see it behind or in front of you. This is my third skin I'm doing. Opinions, ideas and criticisms are welcome. I used Google Translate to make this text, may have translation errors

Portuguese of brazil

Essa skin de CP (Ou ponto de controle). Eu reformulei ela, deixando ela maior nos lados e um pouco na altura, eu coloquei um mastro ao lado do CP, sabe aquele fundo preto que ficava tapando o CP? Tirei porque ficava escondendo as pessoas que estão dentro dela. Opiniões, ideias e criticas. São bem-vindas. :D

Screenshots / Captura de tela ... ZMOALELtS ... agIUl_Cyr

Download: ... MSq0gtiMX
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