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Control point, intel, icons, tracers, and other uncategorized objects.
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Bbig Boss
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Hi folks!

Im here to show you the things that I do when i am bored

The first intel that i made is not an intel himself, is a flag. I thought that the name of the mode is Capture The Flag, but you capture an intel, so i change it to a flag which faces to the back of the player, so if anyone have it, you see he running with a flag.
This should be the official AOS flag
flag.png (7.21 KiB) Viewed 2128 times
download: ... /intel.kv6

I managed to adapt intel, command post and player icons to be used on classic, and this is the result:
Sin título.png
well, they arent the best but...
Sin título.png (33.02 KiB) Viewed 2112 times
download: ... sy/png.rar

more misc coming soon!
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Cool intel bro
The player map icons look really nasty though, you should smooth out the other map icons a bit aswell.
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