Little war game!

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I just started playing a pixel art, real time strategy game called Little war game that is free to play online.
The game is a lot like any RTS game, a lot like ''Age of Empires'', ''Warcraft'' etc,. but based in a medieval like time, along with wizards and werewolves etc.

I have played the game for a while and to my disappointment there is only around 30 something players online everyday, 30 players is enough to start the match and have a lot of fun but after speaking to the owner I realized that he is earning nothing for the game at all and after all the work he put into it I felt like I couldn't just leave it at that.
The game also allows you to make and upload your maps for map makers out there me being one of them :D

I found out about the game from Attack Gaming

And here is the link to the game if you are interested:

I hope you can give the guy some support,
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looks interesting.
will try out.
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