fuk this gaem im guna play guncraft

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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Look at the title first. Frankly, I'm pretty sure you came here just CUZ of the title.

Anyways, I was playing 0.75 earlier today and some kid was raging.
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): wtf
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): dude wtf someone in our spawn
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): fuck you nub
CobaltAK (Green): Mad
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): stfu cobalt
: [*] [WARNING] Enemy air support heading to E5!
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): bitch ass fag stop spawn camping
CobaltAK (Green): Deal with it.
TotalButtscit (Blue): dude shut the fuck up
CobaltAK (Green): ^
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): fuk you im gonna play guncraft

... (Irrelevant shit)

xXnoobSniperXx joined the Blue team
xXnoobSniperXx (Blue): WTF HES STIL HERE
Just thought I'd share. I think it's adorable how he thinks GunCraft is better than AoS.

EDIT: I pulled these out of my logs file from modloader.
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I've seen guncraft before in videos, and seen someone play it. It does not look near as good as AoS. Good thing you don't play that too!
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Now imagine if he used voice chat.
I can imagine this happening in Assault.
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Winter Celebration 2013
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he was probably joking
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Post Demon
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Hadn't really heard about guncraft, watched one video. It looked horrible.
I don't think minecraft is the right game to make into an fps.
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Green Master Race
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LOL! Dat guy g0t pwn3d 7n7t!

That be funneh, how he went 'HES STIL HERE'.

Guncraft is horrible, but I lol at TB's comment. Ben did have the idea for AoS around the time minecraft was just a jumble of stone and grass blocks in a small 200x200 sized map, but I think that minecraft's popularity did give Ben some motivation to start making it, as far as I know
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How dare he say guncraft is better than AoS!! I have actually played guncraft, and from my standpoint on that game, its a waste of hardrive space. Still a pretty funny log right there.
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This is hilarious.

It definitely made my day.
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How do you confuse "I'm gonna play guncraft" with "Guncraft is better than AoS". I actually played the public beta when Guncraft came out. It was surprisingly fun since most of the players were easy to fight, and the kill streaks are fun to play with. Watching a video and assuming it's crap makes you miss out on lots of fun (If it isn't crap first)
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