What ever happened to Ben Aksoy?

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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It just seems like he dropped off of the face of the Earth, and he is nowhere to be found on social media or the internet as a whole. We could kind of use him more than ever right now, considering the slowly declining state of BnS/AOS, whether or not he would be able to do anything. It’s just odd how he literally disappeared... Green_Crying Idek if he realizes that the old game he created almost 10 years ago still has a very dedicated community of hundreds of people!
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I'm very sure he will never come back. He has been gone for like 10 years, wont be surprising if he wont be here for another 10.
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