My Ace of Spades Remake suggestion compilation (12/13/2019: second revision!)

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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I had a whole day of brainstorming yesterday, dreaming up my fantasy AoS remake.

I go by the name "BoomBoom" in the text below:

1. New player limit size : 128 (64 vs 64).
(one of the last posts of Ben Aksoy entertains the possibility of 32vs32 and 64vs64.)

2. Make shooting from a standing position not useless.
(Crouching should offer only a marginal 10% advantage compared to firing from a standing position,
as it's now, standing while shooting offers too much penalty.)

3. Reduce bullet spread of non-shotgun weapons to a perfect pixel.
(RNG shouldn't decide the winner in a test of aim and skill)

4. Increased all Block's damage resistance vs bullets by 2.0x.

5. Increase Grenade's damage and kill radius by 1.5x to deuces and blocks.
New right click function: Long Range Throw, use right click instead of left to double the throw range.

6. Killfeed Overhaul: Now provides information on what body parts you hit, how many hits and in what order.
H = head, b = body, l = limb
Order of hits is ascending from left to right.
The weapon used is now flavored.
If the final hit is a head, then "Headshot!" will appear.

ex. BoomBoom smg-ed Jagex CEO [Headshot! 1b, 4l, 1b, 1H]
BoomBoom rifled The admin that destroyed Ben's hard drive [3b]

This killfeed can be personalized with keybinds, hide it, show only enemy, show only yours,
use the classic 0.75 killfeed style. If there's a menu like Openspades, change the colors,
change position. Personalization can extend to all other UI elements.

7. Getting hit by a falling block should instantly kill you, doesn't kill friendlies if you are the cause for it.
In the killfeed this will say "BoomBoom block trauma-ed Enemy Deuce (Haha~!)"

8. No killcam to allow for stealth gameplay as the dead can't see who killed him.

9. No spectating to disallow cheating in competitive.

10.. On the minimap/map, you should be able to see icons that represent a deuce's equipped weapon.
The icon symbols are from the card game Poker.
ex. Diamonds: Semi
Clubs: Shotgun

All players when chatting should have their playing card name indicated next to their player name.
Ex. Deuce (Hearts): follow me here to this tunnel

11. Classes
All weapons use 0.76 default values with adjustments.

a. Semi (Class Name: Diamonds)

Has no clip size and ammo nerf by 0.76.
Has a 20% longer zoom and 30% faster fire rate than default values.

Passive: The sight is a scope, any enemy inside this scope will be marked on the map/minimap.
The mark has two states: Active and Inactive

a1. Active: Can see the enemy's facing direction, tracers, movement and weapon equipped. Lasts for 3 seconds,
duration is constantly refreshed every milisecond as long as the enemy is inside the view of a semi's scope, can
be refreshed by allied Semi's. Active marks emit a small expanding red circle initially and every 3 seconds. It becomes Inactive after the duration ends.
a2. Inactive: Can't see the facing direction, tracers and movement, but can see the card icon albeit low contrast.
Lasts for 7 seconds. This mark only presents the "last sightings" of when the mark was still active.

b. Assault Rifle (Class Name: Spades) (This is the 0.76 smg just renamed and tweaked.)

Buffed Mag Size and Ammo Count : 40/160 instead of 30/120 .
Nerfed Fire Rate: 0.7 less shots per second compared to 0.76 smg.
Recoil is 15% higher than 0.76 smg
Buffed the damage to compensate, (still requires the same amount of time to kill a deuce).
Carries 4 grenades instead of 3.

Block placement range is 2.0x. Normal blocks are placed 2x faster.
Block count is 100 instead of 50.
Spade has +50% faster left click and right click speed.

b1. 2x1 Block: Binded to "T"
Left Click: Place a two blocks wide block, uses two blocks.
b2. 1x2 Block: Binded to "G"
Left Click: Place a two blocks tall block, uses two blocks.

Both special blocks have the same right click functions as a normal block.

b3. Medkit (300 "health points" pool): Binded to "F"
Left Click Hold: Heal yourself
Right Click Hold: Heal a teammate up to 2 blocks away and start the process, teammate is notified
of being healed and by whom and must not move at least 4 blocks away,
Every second chanelled heals for 15 hp, drawing from the pool.
Multiple rising crosses that match team color is visible on the recipient, and there is a bandage sound every heal.
Starting the process has an "open zipper" sound.

c. Shotgun (Class Name: Clubs)

Shoots a fixed, tight spread that resembles a real life shotgun.
( ... e-at-range)

Shotgun Clip size 8 -> 12.

(Shotguns in video games are usually melee weapons, but it shouldn't be in this game,
in a game like this, you can make the shotgun resemble the real one and it won't be overpowered because
the long range fights are frequent.)

Carries 5 grenades instead of 3

Choosing shotgun grants you special explosives, also grants you a passive that allows you to detect
special explosives at close range (5 blocks away) when you're facing towards the direction of such,
makes a ping sound that can be heard by nearby ally deuces 30 blocks away and displays a mark that
represents what type of explosive is there on the map/minimap for 10 seconds, the mark also displays an
expanding red circle every few seconds. "Mine/C-4 Detected!" is displayed in the chat for anyone that
hears the ping.

Selecting and switching to these explosives is like switching to a weapon.

c1. Mine (one use): Binded to "Q",

Left click: deploy a mine (same deploy range as block), that detonates upon close contact (2 blocks away),
1.5x the radius and damage of a grenade. Use a spade to defuse like a minesweeper. It has no right click.

c2. C-4 Remote Detonator (two uses): Binded to "E",

Left click: Throw a C-4 (0.7x's grenade throwing range)
Right click: Detonate, 2x the radius and damage of a grenade.

c3. TNT (one use): Binded to "F", is not detected by the Shotgun's passive.

Left Click: Throw Has an 8 second fuse, has 3.0x the radius and damage of a grenade but 0.5x the throwing range.
Right Click: Plants it on a block.

c4. Variable Ammo Bag (1 use): Binded to "G"

Left Click: Deploys a large variable bag of ammo at block placement range.
Any deuce, enemy or ally that walks a block near it will get a full reserve ammo refill.
Has 30 charges, visible upon hover and each magazine refilled will use up a charge.
If the ammo refill doesn't fill up a whole mag, it keeps track of the ammo type until it's a whole mag.
ex. An ally picks up only 4 shotgun shells, someone else must pick up 8 more shotgun shells from the bag
in the future to use up a charge. You pick up only 14 smg rounds, someone in the future must pick up
only 16 more to use up a charge.

Can be destroyed by any form of damage, has an hp of 50 and damage received uses bodyshot values.

d. Silenced Submachine Gun (Class Name: Snakes) (S-SMG)

d1. Pistol Rounds: Fires pistol rounds ineffective at long range combat, suffering a starting -40% damage penalty when shooting at 75 blocks away, increasing up to -65% at 100 blocks. The crosshair/sight reticler turns blue to indicate this.

With each hit on a block or a deuce, a chat message appears that tells you how many blocks closer do you need to achieve
full damage. Chat message appears even when firing allied deuces with friendly fire off.

Fires invisible tracers that can't be detected by the enemy Deuces on the map no matter how close they are.
Tracers won't be detected even when marked
The radius for deuces to hear the sound is halved.

Moves 20% faster (walking, sprinting, crouching, sneaking, swimming),
and can ready his Block, Spade, S-SMG, Grenade instantly after sprinting.
Switching is x2 faster.
Any form of movement besides sprinting and swimming is muted.
Sprinting and swimming makes only a faint noise and the radius for enemies to hear the sound in reduced by 75%.

Can place blocks silently.

When falling, it needs twice the distance to start to receive falling damage, and the damage is halved.

In comparison to the assault rifle:

Mag Size and Ammo Count: 30/120 instead of 40/160
It has a 20% weaker zoom than default.
It shoots 1 bullet per second faster.
It has a 25% stabler recoil.
It reloads 50% faster.
It has a significantly reduced damage per bodyshot.

The damage values should make the average time it takes to kill a Deuce only 0.2s to 0.3s less than an assault rifle.

e. Submachine Gun (Class Name: Hearts)

Similar to S-SMG in all values except not silenced.
Moves 20% faster like S-SMG.

Passive: Can see a Heart icon of allied Deuces on the map/minimap.
Allows you to see a small Heart icon above your visible teammates in your field of view.
Heart turns Green to Red (green team) and Blue to Red (Blue Team)
Press "G" to turn off/on this hud feature.

e1. Heal Gun (1000 "health points" pool): Binded to "F",

Left Click: Fires a healing beam (matching color to your team)
on an allied deuce at a max range of 10 blocks drawing from the pool,
Instantenous full heal at 1 hp healed = 1 pool point subtracted.
Has to reload every shot, takes 3 seconds.
Can only fire when the range is eligible. A chat message will notify
the healed player of who healed them. Upon use will show a visual effect
on the teammate, displaying multiple rising crosses that match your team color.
Right Click: Heals yourself.

e2. Revive Gun (1 use): Binded to "Q",

Left Click: At a max range of 10 blocks, revives the corpse of a teammate at full health.
The shot also quickly pulls in the revived player 3 blocks closer to you.

e3. Heal Bomb (3 uses): Binded to "E", detonate timer starts upon pulling the pin.

Left Click: Throw a bomb that heals. Same radius, detonate timer. throw range.
Heal value is similar to the damage value of a grenade.
Can also heal enemies, use carefully and with surgical precision!

Right Click: Throw at double the range.

f. Bolt Action (Class Name: Ducks)

Has a 30% longer zoom than default
Fires 2.5x slower than the 0.75/0.76 semi, and 1.5x the recoil.
One shot one kill no matter what body part it hits.

Mag Size: 8, Ammo Count: 100
Reloads one bullet at a time like a shotgun, using 0.75 shotgun's reload values.

f1. Personal Medkit (200 "health points" pool): Binded to "F"

"Often far away from nearby deuces that could provide healing
as the Bolt Action is a solitary weapon, this deuce carries a medkit for self-sustenance purposes only."

It's not an item that is selected and then left clicked. It's hold key, and can only be done by standing still.
Puts away whatever is equipped like sprinting.

Process is the same as the Assault Rifle's Medkit

g. Pistol and Blockshield (Class Name: Shields)

Functions like the riot shield in Counter Strike (but can still ADS), the Blockshield has a 500 HP before breaking.
It's a literal slab of block with the shape of a full-body shield, matching team color.
It doesn't protect the legs unless when crouching.
Blockshield receives bodyshot values when taking damage. The shield is always up regardless of what is equipped
(Spade, Block, Grenade) unless put away by pressing "Q". Receives a -15% movement speed penalthy while shield is up.

Pistol suffers from the same range penalty as smg,
has a 25% faster fire rate than the semi, has a mag size/ammo count of 12/144.
Reloading is 25% faster than default, but can only reload while the shield is put away.
Pistol Damage: Head: 46 Body: 19 Limb: 15

Aiming down sights with the pistol will face the shield towards the left, has a 40% weaker zoom.

g1. Repair Blockshield: Binded to "F"
Functions like the Bolt Action's medkit, 100 hp repair every second upon holding the key
drawing from a pool of 5000 hitpoints. If the shield breaks then it cannot be repaired and
must be resupplied.

g2. Defensive Stance: Binded to "E"
Puts the shield in front of you, cannot sprint or use spade/block/pistol/grenade.
Press again to move back to the default stance.

g3. Backshield Stance: Binded to "Q" (is not instant and is like switching a weapon.)
Puts away the shield and into the back. Your back is protected during the stance.
It decreases Pistol recoil by 25% as you're using both hands.
Also removes the -15% movement speed and allows you to reload the pistol.
You must be in this stance to reload the pistol.

Press again to move to default.

You can freely switch the three stances (Default, Defensive, Backshield) into each other.
Switching between the three stances has a half-second transition.
The shield should ideally imitate CS 1.6 riot shield's transition between its two stances, it plays a non-instant animation.

g4. Barricade Shield: Binded to "G"

Barricades a 1x3 tall entrance, has a slit on the top. Press G on the barricade to retrieve it again.
Remains indefinitely even after death until destroyed.

h. Heavy Machine Gun (Class Name: Bullets)

Has a -25% movement speed penalty regardless of what is equipped.
Switching to and from a Machine Gun and readying the weapon from sprint takes 2.5x longer.

Fire Rate: Shoots 20 bullets per second.
Head: 86 Body: 42 Limb: 31

Mag Size/Ammo Count: 500/1500

Right Click: Bipod it on top of a block. Cannot bipod on the ground as there's no proning.
Time it takes to deploy is 2.5x slower than switching, cannot move while deploying but you can
cancel by weapon switching.
Depending on where you bipod it you can be standing-only or crouching-only,
they both have no difference in recoil and accuracy.

Can be hipfired but this gun has an insane recoil while doing so, only for close quarters.

Picking up a Variable Ammo Bag uses 10 charges from that bag each magazine.

i. Officer (Class name: Ace)

For every sixteen players on the server, only one can be an officer.
After selecting Ace, you also pick a subclass from a selection of 4 (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs) with the perks provided from those classes.
Has an officer hat and a decorated uniform.
You have an Ace card icon design and color on the map/minimap, the icon size is a bit bigger too,
When all/team chatting, you have an "(Ace [Subclass Name])" next to your name.
Ex. Deuce (Ace of Spades): Come here lets go
Deuce (Ace of Hearts): Somebody pick up that intel

Your text has a special colored font when team chatting, and the font size is higher marginally.

Officer Perks:
Leadership Aura: A passive medium-sized circle aura, your aura can be seen on the map/minimap to all
teammates, doesn't stack.

Gives teammates +10% movement speed and +20% reload speed,
Shotguns and Bolt Actions receive +15% fire rate.

Maneuver Tactics: Binded to "E", amplifies the aura's movement speed bonus by another +15%.

Binoculars: Binded to "F", has the zoom of a Bolt Action.

Hold Right Click: Use binoculars
Left Click: Calls in an artillery barrage of eight shots, barrage hits after 6 seconds.
Each explosion is 3.5x the radius and damage of a grenade.
All teammates and enemies are notified of the coordinates of where the artillery will land on the map (Like a 0.75 airstrike).
On match start, initally starts on cooldown, has a cooldown of 8 minutes.

I am thinking of unique officer perks depending on subclass (Ace of Hearts could call in a mass of health crate drops for example).

12. Taking damage now receives a slow, has a formula
1 point of damage = 0.02 second of slow
Rises up rapidly from 0% slow to 60% in the first 1/4 of duration.
Stays 60% constant in the next 2/4's,
then falls down rapidly in the last 1/4 of duration.

Snakes (S-SMG) only receives 0.01 second slow per point of damage

13. Having less than full health now decreases movement speed.
Every 3 points of health missing = 1% slow

Snakes (S-SMG) Deuces only receives 1% slow every 4 points of health missing.

12/11/2019 Revision: Nerfed Blockshield's HP from 1500 HP to 500, and added more details.
12/13/2019 Revision: Added class names that represent cards, removed unlimited blocks idea, took away the special blocks ability from Blockshield and put it into Assault Rifle (Spades).
Added increased block placement range, block count and better spade values for Spades.
Added "no killcam" and "removed spectator mode".
Revised the format and words for easier reading.
Revamped the map/minimap idea.
S-SMG (Snakes) from +25% movement to +20%.
SMG (Hearts)'s movement and gun values made similar to Snakes.
Bolt Action (Ducks)'s fire rate from 2.2x to 2.5x, zoom from +40% to +30%.
Increased Hearts's heal bomb count from 1 to 3.
Spades's fire rate from 0.3 to 0.7, and added increased recoil.
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