new weapons?

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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if I could add new ones

correct me if I'm wrong
we have:
RIFLE: shoots slower than smg, but faster shotgun, has a semi-automatic shooting mode and 10 rounds.
SMG: shoots faster than everyone, automatic fire, 30 rounds.
SHOTGUN: has only 6 cartridges and shoots like any other pump shotgun, slowly and with a distortion of the pump. you can shoot after loading 1 cartridge.
GRENADE: 3 grenades, can destroy the blocks.
SPADE: shovel, has 2 "digging mode": 1. quickly break one block; 2. Slowly break three blocks at a time vertically.

STATIONARY LMG: in some places a stationary machine gun will be installed, it will have an infinite number of cartridges, but also have overheating, slower smg faster rifle, powerful (2 shots on the head, 4 body).
ROCKET LAUNCHER: Bazooka, you can take instead of grenade, 1 shot, but the explosion more than a grenade, has a sights. the missile has ballistics.
SNIPER RIFLE: shoots very slowly, or rather with a jerk of the shutter. causes great damage, or rather kills an enemy with 1 shot at any place on the body.
PISTOL: The gun has a slightly less damage than the rifle and slightly more than smg (3 shots on the head, but 5 or 6 on the head), semi-automatic fire, high rate of fire and 7-17 cartridges (inaccurate). will be in the second slot.
KNIFE: a knife that you can take instead of a shovel. has more damage to the players than the shovel, but the blocks have less damage.
ASSAULT RIFLE: has 20 or 30 cartridges, automatic shooting mode, damage is slightly lower than rifle (2 shots on the head, 4-5 shots on the head), the rate of fire is 100-200 shots less than smg.
MINE: Mine, fires in 1-2 seconds after someone steps on it. The explosion power of such a mine is slightly less than that of a grenade.

Well, you can understand that the pistol has a small recoil, the machine has a big one, the machine gun also has a large
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Eh, it might be the history nerd talking, but IRL infantry shovels were a much, much more potent close quarter weapon than knives! WW1 and Stalingrad assault teams preferred shovels over rifle with bayonets because they were easier to wield (especially in close spaces), wouldn't get stuck, and incapacitated the enemy faster.

Now, a rifle with a bayonet having a longer reach than the shovel could be cool...
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I'm all for it
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