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The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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VoxelClub has been founded officially, we are the new AoS community and club.

We are built on a vision of a better Ace of Spades and are willing to do anything to make it happen.
We've spent time analyzing mistakes made by others, so we do not repeat them ourselves.
Our goal is to bring back the fun to Ace of Spades, something we feel has been lost over the years.
We invite all to join us in our vision of a better Ace of Spades.

We offer league style matches with rankings.
This is all offered in a friendly and professional setting.
Ranks are also updated on Discord as well.
We work hard to keep everything up to date.

The community we have uses Discord for fast and rapid communications.
We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Our administration team is active within the community to help listen and understand the players wants and needs.
We wish to main excellence in everything we do, so we are open to suggestions too.

Join our Discord server at:

Brought to you by the players for the players.
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I don't see how this is any different from the existing BnS community, but best of luck! I guess one advantage is that the admins are actually still active.
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If you truly care you'll advertise the game to get outside exposure and more players
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I spent some time over that last few weeks putting a new face on my hot tub.
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