The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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Post Demon
Post Demon
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Where did you get your IGN from. Does it have any sort of backstory to it?

I got mine because I'm Mexican and Pedro is a stereotype Mexican name Green_Sunglasses1
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Jedelas - Popped up in my mind when I thought about making a name for a Human Warrior in WoW.

Shiroe - Means White in japanese and I partly got the name off the main character from Log Horizon for it. xD

Victorica - Main heroine of Gosick

McCloud - From Fox McCloud of the Star Fox series which was also my childhood favorite.

Izumi - From Love Stage!! <3
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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I like getting hyped after something cool happens. When that does happen, I play better, while playing Sandstorm (in my head).

I'm sure Pedro is from Napoleon Dynamite... which is what two of your previous avatars were from.
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League Participant
League Participant
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just google "Laserteeth Killmore cyne"

it's a song
3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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I used to be small but I didn't care so my friend called my JustSmall and that's what I've been using for ~7 years.
Blue Master Race
Blue Master Race
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Demonarion: Thought of it while creating a new char for Gunz The Duel around 2008 or 2009 and it stuck ever since.
Fornax: Found a constellation called Fornax when I was checking out space in Google Earth and decided to use it.
Ryouma: Love Stage
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playing aos pre jagex and saw a guy called terrible aiming and when i discovered bns i decide to have a similar name and plus i wanted a Mr name
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League Participant
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I'm not creative so I use my irl name
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i was playing on my ps3 a friend came logged off me being genius forgot my password so i made him create another account he put the name zekamalikyd and i've stuck with it

CHIN CHIN on .75 cos it's filthy frank motherfucker it's filthy frank bitch

Marisa Kirisame on 76 cos league team and on MTA cos skin
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I'm not one for explaining thing but I'll give it a shot.

Back in early high school, I was still reeling back from the shocking revelation that babies are the result of sex, whether rough or casual. While the main population was assigned a boring curriculum assigned by an education department, I was admitted to a science high school, who's curriculum is a little more advanced.

Which may have been a bad idea, because even there textbooks were more of your friends than actual friends. My comprehension may be a little below what was expected of me, but given the fact that I passed an admission I guess everyone, by default, has a more superior comprehension than a student in a regular high school.

In an algebra class we were solving for surface areas and shit, the usual, and as a requirement, the variable 'pi' is not to be used as a decimal, 3.14. Every formula used, every math model solved, you have to use 'π', and given what I said, it took me a while to figure it out altogether, and the entire time I was pronouncing 'π' the same way as the letter P. this was a time when saying bad words would get you in huge trouble, even if it was a little 'FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS' kind of swearing.

So usually I subliminally use the symbol 'π' to replace the letter P, like πenis or something. Eventually It got to π-Rex, a wordplay of T-Rex. Also Eventually, I figured out how to pronounce 'π' correctly, but by that time I've discovered the internet, and made my original IGN, Pi-Rex.

I guess it's just my way of reminiscing the lovely times when there was so much to discover and there was actual excitement in doing so. Where in your youth, you were taught the things you didn't know instead of being a grown-up where you are laughed at for not knowing. Admittedly, the olden days weren't as fun as it was now, but at least there were no fucking video ads, Jdrew posts and tumblr fags.
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Vortex - An old friend of mine I used to know used this name everywhere when playing games. I kind of lost track of him, so in memory I used Vortex.

Shaz - My actual nickname, which is short for Shazaib. However go ahead and call me Shazam ok.

I've had a few others, but none of them have held any real meaning, mostly just temporary aliases.
Post Demon
Post Demon
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Naoe Riki - From Little Busters!

Cross - Need from speed's Nathan Cross

Asian Nipples - Found that when searching for asian porn Just popped in my mind
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Astro- I like space and pretty much anything to do with it.
cat- I like cats
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tobi - idk
9 - opposite of 6 which is my fav number
sc - i'm one of the supercool build crew (we build maps from movies like The Incredibles 2, star wars and etc. we never used any tool/software to put stuffs on the map, we do it ingame but we are using build scripts, wall, floor etc.) so yeah
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