Prior members of @SW and [OWNAGE] READ THIS

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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I am SWay, a once loyal member of the @SW clan who went by the names ScareCrow and GhostTheGiant. I am now looking for all players who once called @SW or [OWNAGE] their homes. I still play BnS but I also play new games. My point of this post is to find my old friends, true friends like Fawad, Tungdil, Sparky, GHOST, Caleb, OWNShov, OWNBuild, and more to join me in game and in a new game. I feel lthat the time has come to reunite @SW. That asshole killed our home, and now it is time to rise again like StormWind always has. I also want you guys to come play a new game with me. One I'm sure you have heard of. Unturned. My clan has a private server and I miss my friends. Message and come play.
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What are you talking about? Stormwind is at its best right now and peaking in activity. Fleischy is still the glorious leader and everyone is happy.

Here are some good clans you can join if you were inactive and you're coming back:
3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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[FF] is the Sw of 2014.
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kmaj wrote:
[FF] is the Sw of 2014.
Freedom Fighters=Stormwind4Evar.
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Winter Celebration 2013
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Sup Scare, thanks a lot for the kind memories. Sw is still around thank you very much and it's doing very well without your kind so you can just turn around and go back to being dead. But I'll be nice enough to tell you what happened to these 'friends' of yours.
Caleb and Ghost are still in Sw and most certainly do not regret it, Fawad joined LINESPQR, tungdil is in his Sturmstaffel group if that's still a thing but has been missing lately, Sparky removed his gay ass from the clan and is now too busy sucking a big pony dong somewhere far away, and the other 'council' (lol) members have been dead for months. [OWN] died being the dumb kiddy clan that it was, and the leftovers are scattered across several small clans not worthy of mentioning.
Now if someone could lock the thread seeing as how it's pointless and has no discussion value (note the forum section name) whatsoever, and only aims to attract unnecessary attention to 1 or 2 clans, that'd be nice.
P.S. I play Unturned too you should invite me sometime ;)))
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
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There are a few (I think) former @Sw members in |=DC=|, which is also kind of the successor clan to [OWN] so that might be what you're looking for.
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@Sw is besht
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Fleischgeruch wrote:
Sparky removed his gay ass from the clan and is now too busy sucking a big pony dong somewhere far away
I love you too, Fleischy. But I agree, I was a huge faggot back then and I'm sorry for it.
so, 'sup guys? Blue_Wink1
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